A standard SEO copywriting definition is basically a work of content that consists of creating an original and persuasive text that leads the reader to action while respecting SEO patterns. In other words, the meaning of an SEO copywriter is to write for the user, but also writing according to the Google spider or the different search engines using the keywords in subheadings, alt, placing them strategically, creating internal anchors and linking to external pages that aren’t ran by the competition, etc.

As you read on, you will find tips for copywriting (writing for the user) and tips for SEO (writing for Google)

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Examples of an SEO Copywriter: Copy what I do!

I’m going to explain step by step how to create a quality article. This very article I am writing follows all the steps to creating a good SEO copy. Look closely how I do it and copy me. I’m going to get you to read my article all the way through, which is what every seo copywriter aims for. What’s more, you’re going to bookmark this article and recommend and share it with all your employees and experts in digital marketing. Why? Because I’m about to explain step by step and with real-world examples how I do it, and that in just one year I have managed to set keywords, such as “translation agency” in the 4th position in Spain as well as “translation services” in the 2nd.


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Afterwards you can tell me if I have accomplished my goal by leaving a comment below. This is a personal challenge!

The best copywriting course…for free!

First of all, I would like to recommend any online copywriting course by Javi Pastor, an excellent copywriter that I admire myself. These copywriting courses are however not free, but you’ll most certainly get your money’s worth.

But since it is a free copywriting course you’re looking for, here are all the tips for writing great quality content, completely free of charge. Print my content or save me in your favorites!

SEO copywriting Tips when writing for the user

Tip 1. Layout: subheadings, bold, italics, quotes, bullets, tables, images, effects

Use images to dress up your text and make it appealing. You can link an image with a product or service that you sell on another page. Likewise, use bold font so the user can make a diagonal reading of the text without getting dragged on at the more “boring” parts of the read. Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for by incorporating bold font, subheadings or images.

The content should be an easy read, not like a slow and heavy paste that’s hard to swallow. Use short, clear and concise phrases. You can also use highlights, bullets and comment boxes to make reading easier. The reader does not have time to read everything, so reading should be very engaging and light so they can quickly find what they need.

copywriting services


With wordpress pages, we recommend using the virtual composer plugin from the “Backend Editor”. Here’s a short tutorial on how to use it:

If you work with WordPress entries, we recommend the plugin “shortcode” which is very easy to use and very intuitive. You only need to enter the html code. You just have to look for what it is you want to enter: a button, a video, a map… and fill the fields in with the text, the icon, the image or whatever it may be.

Example 1: Landing page of professional copywriters with the visual composer plugin. Click on the image to go to the page.


Example 2: Page about professional translation services with a shortcode.

servicios de traduccion


Tip 2. Properly communicate why the user needs that particular product or service.

What is it they’re looking for? Deliver it to them, so that they find everything they need in this article and don’t even bother searching for other sites.

Example 1: If you give us a keyword called “copywriter offers”, it means that the user who is putting this into Google, is looking for work as a copywriter. We won’t discuss the copywriter’s functions because that doesn’t interest them. We can try it, but later on. The first thing we have to present is a job offer as a copywriter to satisfy their search. Otherwise, they’re going to leave your page when they see that they haven’t found what they’re looking for and will go somewhere else to find it. But… I don’t want to offer a job, I just want to position my website. No big deal, if you get the user to be satisfied with the search and decrease the bounce rate, Google will reward you. They’ll put that site in first position. Now comes the work of the SEO copywriter: you must introduce a series of internal links to your other pages such as “copywriting services” to distribute the link juice.

Example 2: the case of having to plug in a lengthy keyword like “what language is spoken in Finland”. We won’t talk about the tourist attractions of this country, or the number of inhabitants. Just kidding! Of course we will, but we’ll get more into that later on, towards the end. First of all, we are going to clear up any doubt the reader may have and we are going to tell them what Finnish is. Perhaps this reader is interested in traveling for leisure, so let’s talk about what they’ll find there. Finally, we can’t forget the purpose of writing a quality article which is for no other reason than to empower the website. The user may need to know the language spoken in Finland in order to translate their website into Finnish and sell their products there. Also, because they might be traveling on business and need a sworn translation for the language in question or maybe even an interpreter. This is how our professional translation agency uses articles to plug in anchors of the sort: translation services into Finnish.

Tip 3: A practical approach with a striking title.

Write an article that serves a purpose, one that doesn’t look like a boring and stumbling Wikipedia article. What is emotional copywriting good for? What does a copywriter do? This is interesting, its exactly what people are looking for. There are also some SEO copywriting tools out there that can spark your creativity. I use tools like answerthepublic to see what it is that people want to know. You just have to respond and make a useful article of it.

Regarding the striking title, I always use and comment on the same techniques.

  • Using a number: copywriting ideas: 6 tricks for creating quality content. Numbers encourage you to click.
  • Denial: Still don’t know what copywriting is? Use it to grow your business. Denial provokes a “call to action”.
  • Fear of lacking or losing something. When online stores mess with translation. In this article we see how some ecommerce sites lose customers because their translations are from Google translator instead of professional native translators.
  • Avoid the clickbait. Don’t create an eye-catching title that encourages the reader to enter your page just to leave them disappointed because they can’t find what the title claims. In addition to increasing the bounce rate, they will never visit your site again. They’ll think you’re trying to scam them and what’s worse, they can even leave bad reviews online about your brand.

Tip 4: Quality information, documentation.

We have to include “cool” things because after reading the third or fourth line they’ll want to leave and you have to create a sort of game for them to keep reading and searching. I have incorporated this game to challenge you, I want to keep you engaged throughout the whole article. If you have made it this far, it’s because you have embraced the challenge that I set up for you with “Examples of an SEO copywriter: Copy what I do! ” I’m not saying that you have to be inventing little games to get the reader hooked, rather you encourage them to continue reading because what they will find next is just as interesting or even better.

The more time you spend on our site, the more recognized the content will be for Google. Keep in mind that Google’s “client” is the “Internet user. If the reader is satisfied and spends some time reading, it means that you have satisfied their search and their good-ole friend Google will be very happy. Another thing your “reader client” does is simply close the browser after entering a keyword and finding your site. That means they found the answer there and did not need to go back and search another site, so they close the browser.

Finally, get some documentation. Don’t write just for the sake of writing. Before you even start writing, make an outline of the essential contents of what you absolutely have to include online or offline. It’s not worth just writing anything, it must be well based and you must know what you’re talking about. The content must be rich and bring something new, interesting and real, not something made up.

Tip 5: Writing that attracts. Putting personality, magic and charm in print.

You have to give your brand a voice, use the same style, the same seductive and persuasive terminology.

A great technique for copywriting is to write like you’re just talking to the reader like you would a friend. In most cases, with friendlier dialogue we get closer to the reader, who feels that the person behind the computer is speaking directly to them. The imagination is free to wander, but if we add a simple touch, such as a personal photo to the text, the client or reader can put a face to the person who is explaining why he or she should buy your product. It’s exactly what I did at the top of the page.

You can also see what I’m talking about on this page about German Translators.

german translator

We also have to use an appropriate tone towards the reader. Example: Can you imagine being able to time travel? This is how we begin … Create uncertainty, desire to continue, curiosity.

Tip 6: Implement curiosity, data that draws attention.

In the television series Game of Thrones, apart from the historical narration, we are sometimes distracted yet attracted by the love affairs of the handsome John Snow.

John Snow

Introducing quirky trivia, gossip, anecdotes and relevant data, will keep the reader in suspense. Your reading should be fun and entertaining. Simple theory can be boring, so we must tie in these little surges of curiosity to stories that entertain the user who is eager to learn. All these examples that I have introduced in this article are an example (yes, example is worth mentioning twice here) of those oddities that keep you engaged and reading. The text must be light, direct, attractive, and curious enough that it rekindles the desire to continue reading.

Tip 6: Have an argumentative thread.

We introduce our writing with a stand-out title and highlight a problem. Still not a pro at creative copywriting for social networks? We begin to gradually solve the problem at hand. And then when we reach an outcome, we wrap it up and invite the reader to do something: to continue following us, to like the post, to discover a new article, to leave a comment in our comment box, to check out more articles in our blog, to browse our website… We can also leave an open-ended question with a new problem (a “to be continued” version of the series) or ask a rhetorical question. See how I do it with all the articles in the Tradupla blog, nothing is ever written just because.

Tip 7: Who is your reader? Who is the Buyer person? AIDA method

Example 1: If you are trying to sell a very expensive electric scooter, but with unmatched performance compared to the competition, your buyer person is an executive. An executive from Madrid, who is fed up with wasting time and energy in traffic jams when they take the car to work or don’t want to take the subway because they don’t like crowds either. Tired of the big city crowds? Yes, now they feel identified, and he/she is going to take the bait and open your page. AIDA method. Now that we’ve got their Attention. Step 2: arouse their Interest. In the first few lines, you should highlight the performance of this scooter compared with the competition without actually calling them out by name.  You’ve gotta solve this buyer person’s problems. Step 4: feed the Desire. Step 5: call to Action. Put a little button directing them to the page where they can purchase the product or to contact you.  Just like this!


Example 2: If you’re looking to sell an ergonomic pacifier. The person who you want to aim this for would be a concerned mom or dad. You would have to highlight the characteristics of the product that shows them it is the key to solving their problems: it soothes teething pain, it’s easy to locate in the crib at night, it’s cute and ergonomic, it can prevent earaches, etc. You must create content that provides answers and solutions to the problems of parents with babies.

Tip 8: Microcopywriting

Use copywriting through buttons, questionnaires and subtle indicators. This is called microcopywriting. You don’t use your typical “ask for a quote” or “contact” button. Customize it with a personal touch and give it a voice.


Tip 9: Avoid the use of passive voice or connectors.

Different sentences must contain the so-called “transition words” or the well-known connectors (first of all, it is true, thanks to…) and should start differently. Passive voice is something commonly used in the English language, as well as French, but should be avoided when writing content in Spanish.

Tip 10: Enter similar keywords with originality

See an example from free copywriting courses. I had to implement these keywords: free copywriting course, online copywriting course, free copywriting course, copywriting courses, best copywriting course.

Look and see how I’ve done it. You should try doing this in a way that it is not forced and comes off as natural.

SEO copywriting Tips when writing for Google: SEO copywriting

Tip 1: Length of the article, paragraphs, sentences, distribution of subheadings and double spaces.

An article must contain at least 500 words to rank in addition to a correct distribution of the keywords. Ideally this would be 800 words. These are called “hammer” texts. This is a contradiction: in copywriting, it is commonly recommended that the text be short, clear, concise and precise. However, for SEO, we have no choice but to enter large blocks of text. For example, this article exceeds 3000 words, try to be creative so as not to bore the user to death!

Subheadings should separate sections of no more than 300 words and paragraphs should not contain more than 150 words.

Sentences, in addition to being simple, should not contain more than 20 words. Try to steer clear of double spacing. To do this, if you’re writing your article in Word, use the option “search and replace” two spaces by one.

Tip 2: outbound and internal links.

For outbound links, you should link them to a page that provides extra information and has a certain authority, which is what I did with the site for copywriting courses with Javi pastor.

It has to be related to the subject, but, of course, no links to your competition or links from a keyword you’ve used.

I linked the anchor to “Javi Pastor” and I talked about online copywriting courses. Now, I don’t offer SEO copywriting training like Javi does, but what I do “sell” is web copywriting in all languages, seo copywriting, copywriting for email marketing, etc. I also linked answerthepublic, a tool that is not at all considered my competition and is very useful. Last but not least, I put an outbound link to the YouTube tutorial so you can see how the visual composer plugin works.

For internal links, you must use different types of anchors:


You should never link the keyword you are trying to position, and you cannot use a keyword as one that you have previously used in order to avoid cannibalization. For example, if I am focusing on the keyword “SEO copywriting” in this post, this keyword cannot link to the page where I offer my copy services: https://tradupla.com/en/services/what-is-copywriting-seo-tips-services-websites-agency/

Tip 3: Keyword Distribution

You must use the exact keyword in the introduction, in the h1 heading, at some point in the subheadings, in some alt attribute of your images especially in the cover image, in the metadescription, and in the metatitle. Throughout the text, you should use the keyword about four times for a text that consists of 800 words.

You should not use a keyword that you’ve used to position another article. Cannibalization would occur if you were to use it to link to the other article. For example, if I’m talking about creative copywriting, even if it is related to my topic, I will link to this page: https://tradupla.com/en/creative-copywriting-professional-writing-for-social-networks/

The exact key phrase should appear at the beginning of the SEO heading. It should also appear in the slug or url of the page.

Tip 4: Length of the meta description.

The meta description must contain between 120 and 156 characters, which is about 23 words or so. The meta description does not serve to rank on Google as in the past, however, it should hook the user next to the meta title. This is a kind of summary of the article that will prompt the user to open the page. You have to attract their curiosity to get them to open the article.

Final recommendations for Seo and copywriting

We couldn’t say goodbye to this article without recommending the Yoast SEO wordpress plugin. This plugin, marks the mistakes you are making in terms of readability and SEO patterns as you can see in these images.



We also recommend that you read a lot and write. Read books, read magazines, read blogs and read your competition. Tradupla’s blog contains many interesting articles on copywriting, languages, translation and communication.

Finally, follow your competition closely, analyze what they do, read their articles, their newsletter, their landing page: copy their good ideas and create something similar yet original and unique.

Have you made it all the way to the end already?? Leave me a comment!!! THANK YOU!!!

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