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Need certified translators for your law firm or international company?

At Tradupla, we have at our disposal a large portfolio of certified translators in all languages, recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. All of our translators have years of experience in translation, and also have additional training in law and other specializations within the legal field.

At our translation company, we are able to offer very competitive pricing due to the high volume of documents we translate on a daily basis. Our translators offer us a special rate in order to receive steady assignments from law firms and international companies.

Your clients need certified translations in order to do business internationally, and finding a freelance translator that you can really trust can be time-consuming. That’s why translation agencies like Tradupla exist, that specialize in certified translations. We take care of selecting the certified translator best suited to the needs of the assignment, and we pledge to deliver the certified translation in digital and physical format within the established timeline.

A  sworn translation  is, as its name suggests, a translation carried out by a translator/interpreter who swears that the translation is accurate. They must be recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This translation is officially valid before any public body. Only an official sworn translator can sign, seal and swear that the said translation is accurate.

Academic records, university diplomas, judicial decisions, national ID cards/passports, criminal record/marriage/death/birth/civil status/employment certificates, medical reports, registrations, notarial certificates, contracts, deeds, certificates and driving licenses are examples of documents that require a sworn translation.

What Types of Documents Require an Official Translation?

sworn translationAcademic reports, university degrees, court rulings, ID cards or passports, background checks, marriage, death, birth, and marital status certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, death certificates, work permits, medical reports, registration cards, notarial deeds, contracts, titles, certificates, public deeds, drivers licenses, these are some examples of documents that require a certified translation.


What is a Certified, Sworn, or Official Translator?

sworn translatorsA certified or sworn translator or interpreter is a person authorized by the MAEC in Spain, a Court of Justice in France, or other relevant body in their respective country, to translate and certify translations. Any type of document can be translated and certified by a sworn translator or interpreter. However, typically they work with official documents.

These sworn translators/interpreters translate the document and attach a copy of the original document to the translation. Both the source and target documents must be stamped, signed, and dated by the official translator. The translated document will be a faithful copy of the original that can be presented before any public administration in both countries. And yes, it will be legally valid in both countries.

Not everyone with knowledge of two languages can create official, certified translations. Although they might be able to translate the document, their translation would not have legal validity.

Only a sworn translator who is recognized in both the source and target countries, can certify a translation.

What is an official or certified translation?

A certified translation is a translation that has been certified by a sworn translator/interpreter who is recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This translation will have official legitimacy before any public institution, and only a sworn official translator can sign, stamp, and certify such translations.

Certified Translation Prices

You’ve probably wondered how much a certified translation costs, and well, it’s a difficult question to answer. It all depends on the linguistic combination, and the target country…

sworn translationsThe first thing you have to know is that all translations are priced per word… Maybe it sounds crazy, but it’s actually a good way to calculate. It all depends on the languages, but with a combination of a common language with Spanish, you can expect rates to start at €0.05 per word. Don’t get your hopes up, these rates apply only to general translation. The problem is with certified translation rates. An English <> Spanish certified translator, for example, might charge upwards of .08 euros per word. Things get complicated when less-common languages are involved. Already, if we’re talking about combinations that don’t include Spanish, rates skyrocket. From English to Japanese? .20 per word…?

The reality is that the search for certified translators can often be tedious. We all try to save money looking for the best sworn translators at the lowest price. But when you reach for the phone to call one, in many cases they’ve retired, found work elsewhere, or don’t accept freelance gigs… Call after call, emails that don’t get opened, while the clock ticks away.

Our advice, of course, is that you turn to a translation agency who will give you a better and more immediate quote…get your translation in no time!

At Tradupla translation agency, you can find professional sworn translators that are recognized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A recognition that can only be obtained through the MAEC and European Union.

If you’ll allow me to give you one more piece of advice: don’t search for cheap certified translations, search for quality and professionalism.

Don’t fall for discounts or laughable rates! The professional competition of a high quality translator is worth the price!

Certified Translation Rates: Other Fun Facts

sworn translatorIn order to achieve impeccable results with documents that require exceptional skills, you can’t hire just anyone. The price of certified translations is set by each translator or interpreter.

Is there any regulation related to this? Yes. Article 12 of MAEC’s Office of Interpretation of Languages ordinances. This article explains that each professional within the translation field is free to set their own prices.

Certified translation rates are typically established depending on the number of documents to be translated, or number of words. It also depends on the difficulty of the subject matter. The price is decided on a case-by-case basis, and a price summary is provided based on what has been agreed upon.

Other certified translators charge per page, some 25 euros, others 40. And they have a minimum price per document — we can’t charge per word for an ID card translation, because it wouldn’t be profitable. In common combinations like English/Spanish, it tends to come out around 30 or 35 euros. All of these figures are merely guidelines, because as we’ve already said, it depends on the translator and the timeline.

In any translation company, you will find a wide range of prices that vary depending on the linguistic combination. Some languages tend to be more expensive to translate than others. This is due to demand: a certified translation into English would not be the same price as one into Dutch. And don’t even get me started on Chinese…

Depending on the linguistic combination, the supply and demand of certified translators, the volume of the task…one or another price will be established.

Inverse and Direct Translation and Certified Bridge Translation

Another question that can affect the price of certified translations is whether they are inverse or direct translations. The latter refers to a translation from the native language of the country in which the translation service is contracted, into the language of another country. Inverse translations are, as you could imagine, more expensive.

In Spain, certified translators are designated by the MAEC and they are the only ones authorized to certify translations.

If an assignment does not contain the home country’s native language, a certified bridge translation is needed. If we’re dealing with English to German, first a sworn translator interpreter will translate the document from English to Spanish. Then, another sworn translator interpreter qualified in the second combination will take care of the rest. This double service increases the price of the translation.

But don’t worry, Tradupla doesn’t do certified bridge translations, because we have certified translators from all over the world.

sworn translations services

Why do certified translations cost more than other translations?

The answer is simple. Only a professional authorized by the MAEC can complete a certified translation. This ensures that the translated text is faithful to the original.

Other types of translations can be completed by any non-sworn translator and sent digitally. In the case of certified translations, they are only valid in hard copy format, with the corresponding stamp and signature. However, if they are scanned, the pdf will also be legally valid.

Certified Translators in Spain

sworn translations servicesIf you’re looking for certified translators or interpreters in Spain, it’s not necessary to find one in Madrid or Barcelona. Nowadays, thanks to digitalization, we can provide translations from any part of Spain: Seville, Cordoba, Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, Badajoz, Leon. etc. We’ll send you a fully valid digital copy in pdf format, and the original certified document by mail.

If you’re looking for a sworn French-Spanish translator, or a sworn English-Spanish translator, for example, that’s easy to find in Spain. But if what you need are sworn translations in German, Italian, or any other language combination, you only need to ask. Tradupla, thanks to our status as a worldwide translation company, will be able to provide you with the sworn translation or interpretation professionals you need.


Tradupla, S.L.U. is a  translation and interpretation agency  that specializes in  sworn translations  and the  certified translation of documents . Our sworn native speaking translators and interpreters are university graduates. They are specialized in a wide range of areas, guaranteeing you a certified or sworn translation in your desired language combination. Tradupla, S.L.U. will provide you with   sworn and legal translation services in any language combination.


E-mail us the scanned document to  info@tradupla.com  so that we can send you a quote as soon as possible. You should know that the scanned documents are printed and that they bear the signature and seal of the sworn translator along with the translation.

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