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Unlocking Global Reach with Tradupla: Your Translation and Communication Partner

At Tradupla, discover a world of professional translators fluent in every language and adept copywriters for web and SEO services.

Which language sparks your need for professional translation or copywriting? From Albanian to Zulu, we’ve got you covered.

In Search of a Professional Translator or Copywriter for Your Content Marketing?

Tradupla, your translation and communication agency in Sevilla, brings you professional online translators, web copywriters, and SEO copywriters in all languages.

Professional Online Translation

If you’re in need of a professional online translator, you’ve landed at the right translation agency. At Tradupla, our native translators in every language bring over a decade of experience, specializing in various fields of expertise.

SEO Copywriting Services

Whether you require a SEO copywriter or a copywriter in any language, you’ve found your match. Our communication, translation, and digital marketing agency boasts native and trained copywriters delivering exceptional web and SEO copywriting services that your audience is actively seeking.

Professional Translators and Copywriters in Every Language

traduccion profesional español

Professional Galician Translation

traduccion profesional español

Professional Basque Translation

traduccion profesional griego

Professional Greek Translation

traduccion profesional noruego

Professional Norwegian Translation

traduccion profesional sueco

Professional Swedish Translation

traduccion profesional checo

Professional Czech Translation

traduccion profesional rumano

Professional Romanian Translation

traduccion profesional polaco

Professional Polish Translation

traduccion profesional turco

Professional Turkish Translation

traduccion profesional ruso

Professional Russian Translation

Unleash Quality at Competitive Prices


Professional Translators

At Tradupla, all our translators are native speakers. Wondering how we keep rates competitive with professionals from around the world? Our translators in common languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc., stay busy with assignments from our agency.

To stay competitive, they adjust their rates, enabling us to take on more projects. It’s a win-win!

Native SEO Copywriters

In our translation and communication company, we house experts in copywriting and SEO writing in all languages. How do we operate? We reduce fees for those requesting bulk articles. We handpick writers, offer a free trial, and let the client decide. Easy, cost-effective, and high-quality!


What’s the Price Tag for Translation or Copywriting?

High-demand languages like English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish… come at more competitive rates than rarer languages such as Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, or Chinese.

How Can I Calculate the Price for My Translation or Copywriting?

The price for translation or copywriting depends on factors like language, specialization, format, and delivery time. Pricing is based on the source text’s word count.

Basic Rate

Translation Language

High-demand languages like English, French, Portuguese, Italian, or Spanish come at competitive prices compared to less common languages like Hindi or Turkish.

Specialized Translations

General translations, without technical jargon, are more affordable than technical, patent, or legal translations, which require more time.

Sworn Translation

Sworn translations require an official sworn translator for validity, making them slightly more expensive per word, depending on the language.


DTP – pdf – Images

Editable files are necessary for translation. Sending a non-editable format like PDF or an image requires layout work, resulting in additional costs.

Urgent Translations

A professional translator can translate around 2500 words per day (business days). Translations exceeding this daily limit, those done on weekends, or requiring multiple translators due to urgency incur an extra charge.

Second Revision

While all translators review their work, some clients prefer a second set of eyes. Opting for a second revision costs half the base translation price.


Repetitive Phrases and Numbers

Identical phrases, numbers, and non-translatable elements are deducted from the final price (except for urgent translations).

Discounts for 10,000+ Words

Clients ordering more than 10,000 words enjoy significant discounts. So, gather your documents and request everything at once!

SEO Article Discounts for 50+ Articles per Month

For monthly clients needing articles regularly, the more languages and quantity, the better – substantial discounts await!

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