Good ideas, like good wine, appear every once in a while, but, alas, when they do, what incredible things we enjoy. If you’ve come this far, it is because you are looking for copywriting ideas, and our communication agency is willing to give them to you.

We enjoy a fine wine when it is good and we enjoy a great idea when it occurs. This is what copywriters or copies, as they are commonly known, know a lot about. But, we are also aware of the difficulty of this happening, with so much constant, bombarding information due to new technologies and their speed of information and the immediacy of advertising campaigns.

We want everything for quality and we want it right now, and sometimes, that is impossible. A good idea cannot just come knock you in the head when you’re on a deadline. A brilliant idea needs meditation, time to consolidate and sharp-thinking minds that are sure it will be a success.

If we want something fast, witty and that gets them to bite the hook, we won’t get it with just a little creative copywriting. It takes time!

6 tricks to creating good copywriting business ideas

copywriting ideasThis article will be a kind of advice column for copywriting beginners or those looking how to get inspired to create irresistible content. We understand that, if you are already an expert copy, many of these tips won’t do you much good, as you will have your own tips with which to generate an irresistible campaign for users.

However, even so, it doesn’t hurt to have some help for those pesky creative mental blocks!

People are emotional beings in most cases, for better or worse, but the heart almost always wins out the reasoning of the head. Copywriting takes a bit of advantage based on this. Psychological tricks are chosen in this technique of advertising marketing so that we can reach the emotions of the users and catch them getting in their feelings.

For example, the father of modern advertising, David Ogilvy, used numerous psychological tricks to attract customers to the products he advertised.

There are many, many ways to receive attention. Some go directly to the reader, others raise questions, evoke fears, get them intrigued by what they do not know, make them argue, spark emotion, and a long list of feelings that can be touched on.

Copywriting ideas: tweet the user

The first thing we have to do when thinking up a good copywriting campaign is to adopt a close deal with the reader. When dealing with the reader, you get them to feel that the campaign is aimed at them directly and thus establish a stronger relationship between product = customer.

People, when you speak directly to them, tend to pay more attention naturally and less aggressively.

Tweeting to the reader makes your text seem more familiar. However, depending on the type of product, there are times that the target audience or buyer person requires a more polite tone and we must be a little more formal.

Actually, in other cultures, and languages, the normal way of addressing someone is in a formal manner.

Copywriting business ideas: Emotional copywriting

The second thing we have to do is use our pull on emotions so that potential clients get carried away by them. For example, the fear of something. It is proven that the fear of loss is stronger than the hope of winning something, so this can be used as a strategy to assess what you are going to lose and the opportunity to keep it.

For example, this happens with real estate and marketing campaigns that follow the motto of: “I won’t sell for less than what I bought.”

It’s about not losing money, keeping it and even earning something else if possible.

Advertising translation and transcreation

There are times when we just can’t think of anything, we get into a funk of not creating new and original content. Look for your competition in another English-speaking country or perhaps a country with another language that you may know and translate the content if it has not been previously translated, as it will be totally original and new. As this technique can be considered “stealing” content and this is not our style, it proceeds to transcreation or advertising translation. That is, creating new content inspired by that source text of foreign competition. It would be a kind of freestyle translation, adding new fragments, omitting others, modifying what we don’t like and retouching what we do, to create an original and genuine content adapted to the target culture. In our translation agency, we offer transcreation and translation services for your blog, for example.

Not using confusion

The third trick to being clear and concise. Don’t create confusion, the more direct and simple people tell you something, the better. The confusion causes them to stop following us, to not believe us and not want to continue reading us.

Clear, concise and precise

But of course, we can’t expand on the copys either. Hence the fourth trick, “something good that is also brief, makes it twice as good.” No paraphrases, the shorter, clearer and more direct, the more quality it presents.

It is exhausting to read something that never ends, be simple and abbreviated, in order to reach the customer better.

Call to action

Finally, you must guide the reader to do something, or what in specific terms is called a “call to action”. Visit the store, subscribe, buy the product, purchase a service, etc. You have to tell them what to do and how to do it so that the communication you are having is successful and there is feedback from them.

Today is the perfect day to begin

If you have already written down these ideas for a good copywriting campaign, don’t let them sit to collect dust in your desk drawer. To write like a real copy, you must practice. It may be hard at first, but everything will eventually come into place.

Face your fears and dive into creative writing, surely something good will come out from under those lines in no time! Cheer up.

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