We respect GDPR

At TRADUPLA, S.L.U., we respect the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulations. Specially, we care about you, your company, and your privacy. We feel it’s necessary to answer some of the most relevant questions you may have regarding new regulations that have been done to improve your personal privacy and security online.


Is TRADUPLA, S.L.U. compliant with the new regulations and rules of the General Data Protection Regulations?

Yes, of course. In fact, we have updated our privacy policy before 25 May 2018. We were ready to respect all the rules and security process of the General Data Protection Regulations, to protect your privacy and data.


What do we do with your information and data?

We only collect data and information which will allow us to perform our work on your behalf, in the most efficient way. Which is why we collect your professional, personal, and financial data with a view to create an account, to invoice you or translate your documents.


Can you edit, access, move, and/or remove your data, whenever you like?

Of course! If you to edit, access, move or remove your data, you can contact Pilar Pla in info@tradupla.com and we will do all your modifications.


Will your data cross any borders within, or without, the EU?

No. We receive and process your data in our office in Spain. Our website is hosted in a server in Spain and they respect the RGPD. Our translators and professional team have signed a confidentially agreement and we have added new clauses respecting your data and your private life.


How secure is our company network?

We ensure access to our local network is secure and limited to company personnel. Both wireless and wired connections can only be accessed by employees of our company.


Where can you learn more about how your data is handled by Tradupla?

We have elaborated a new Data Protection Policy in view to provide you with everything you could ever want to know about how we handle your information and data, which includes our compliance with GDPR.


For further information about GDPR and Tradupla, you can contact us

You may contact us by email: info@tradupla.com.



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