French and SEO web translations for France/Belgium/Canada/Switzerland

Although many do not know it, French and English are two languages that are spoken in every continent. If you would like to expand your business and sell your products and services in French speaking countries, you need to  translate your website into French  and reach a larger number of people.

french web translation

Why is it important to translate your website into French?

french website translation

As well as the fact that it is spoken on every continent, we can point out that more and more people practice it as a second language. It is surprising how many countries have French as their official language. It is also one of the most important languages ​​within the European Union, the UN and other organizations. France, Belgium and Switzerland are some of the most important French speaking countries.

For this reason, it is essential to offer a website  that is well adapted to the  French  market, ensuring that a greater number of its users have access to its products and services.

Characteristics of the French language

For linguistic reasons, documents that are translated into French require more space. More words are needed to say the same thing in French than in English.

French SEO translator

We will translate your website or blog differently than other competing firms would do it. When writing the original text, you were probably trying to use the keywords  which were most relevant to an American audience. We do the same when we translate it into French- we act as if the French version were the original.

Firstly, we carry out an exhaustive search of the best French keywords, relevant to your company’s products or services. This process will help the Google crawler and other search engines to find us, ahead of our competition based in the target country.

When translating, we will need to take many things into account: the density of French keywords to avoid keyword stuffing , the text size, H1, H2 and alt tags, meta description, optimization of the content structure etc.

French-speaking market globalization

In addition to launching a SEO campaign for your website , it is important to obtain and maintain a website which is properly  optimized in French.  This will allow you to reinforce your web presence, resulting in a greater number of users finding you and becoming potential customers.

French seo translator

Likewise, it is essential to maintain a presence in social networks  used by the French. This will allow them to message and communicate with their favorite brands. It is thus vital that social network messages be in their own language.

You will need to offer content which is perfectly adapted to the market, especially to the French, Swiss or Belgian public. Your campaign’s content is fundamental; it will allow you to stand out among your competitors and reach a larger audience.

If you wish to expand successfully into French-speaking countries and increase your number of clients, do not hesitate to contact us. Tradupla, S.L.U. has numerous native-speaking translators,  specialized in this area, guaranteeing you excellent  website translation and localization and perfect SEO optimization.

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