Patent translation

Patent translation at Tradupla

A patent is an agreement describing the rights of a person who has invented or created something new. It must be respected by the corresponding government so that nobody uses or takes advantage of this invention, which does not belong to them. Therefore,   patent translation  is a highly specialized translation modality. It must be formatted in a specific way and it must be certified by a sworn translator, since it is a confidentiality agreement or contract.

Characteristics of a patent translator

A  patent translator  must understand all the technical characteristic of this type of text perfectly; both in the source and target languages. The translator must be concise and they must write clearly and precisely, as some oversight can lead to great confusion. The translator must also understand many technological fields, as the patents can be for anything from a new vaccine to a new car engine. At Tradupla, S.L.U. we have  native professional translators  who are specialized in this type of translations, to ensure an optimal translation and quality.

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