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English to Chinese Translator, English to Arabic Translator, English to Korean Translator, English to Turkish Translator. Professional translations at your service through your trusted translation agency of choice.

Need to Translate Your Documents or Translate from English to Any Language?

Tradupla, your translation agency, has a team of professional English translators to craft your content and translate your documents

English Translation – Professional Translation

At Tradupla, we have a broad roster of professional translators in various language combinations: English to Spanish Translator, Spanish to English Translator, English to Catalan Translator, English to French Translator, British English Translator, and more.

We specialize in different fields of translation: certified translation, technical translation, patent translation, website translation, advertising translation, legal translation. See more.

At Tradupla, in addition to translation services, we offer communication and international digital marketing services in the language you need.

English Copywriter – Professional Copywriting

In our communication agency, you’ll find the web copywriting service you need. Whether you’re looking for an American, British, Australian, or Canadian English copywriter, get in touch with us. Our translation and communication company will provide you with the professional copywriter you’re searching for.

Professional Translation and Web Copywriting at Highly Competitive Prices

We understand that our niche is highly competitive, and our clients need urgent, quality translations at the best prices. That’s why we’re here to deliver exactly what you’re looking for:

  • You’re seeking a good quality/price ratio, and you’ve just struck gold.
  • You need a skilled English translator, and you’ve found your language service provider.
  • Whether you were searching for an English to Spanish translator, English to Catalan translator, English to French translator, or a British English copywriter, you now have the solution at your fingertips.

How We Work

Translation Services

1. The client contacts us via email and sends the files to be translated for a word count. 2. We use our translation software to analyze the word count, excluding non-billable elements (repeated phrases, numbers, symbols), and provide a quote. 3. Once the client accepts the quote, we proceed with the translation by native translators trained in applied languages or translation and interpretation. 4. We deliver the text via email for simple translations or by courier or certified mail for certified translations.

Sometimes, the client requires the translation to be reviewed by two translators, where one translates and reviews while the other reviews the first translator’s work. This process may increase the cost of the translation service, but a second opinion always ensures excellent quality.

Copywriting Service

Our client calls us and explains exactly what they need: email marketing, blog writing, copywriting for social media, web copywriting, SEO writing, and a myriad of possibilities. Our team prepares a strategy to work in the cloud with Google Drive. We share Google Sheets and Google Docs for content creation. We pre-select writers in the target language and present a series of tests to the client after passing through our filter. If the client is satisfied, we begin working and upload documents to the drive according to the client’s deadline.

On the Google Sheet, various indicators are reflected: word count, price, delivery date, keywords, ID, H1, H2, etc. If the client is not well-versed in digital marketing, we provide guidance and take care of providing such data.…………………… ……………….. …………………. ……………….. …………………..

Our Most Requested Professional Translations

English and Spanish Translation or English to Spanish Translation
English to German Translation
English Catalan Translation
English French Translation
English Italian Translation
English Chinese Translation
English to Latin American Spanish Translation

Professional Translations and 100% Native Copywriters

Professional Translators

Our sworn translators in various fields of expertise have been with us for over 10 years, translating to experience.

They listen to what you need, adapt the translation process to the client’s goal, and strive to make the text sound as if it were written by a native copywriter. Quality translations are those that seem not to have been translated: that’s our goal!

We specialize in various areas and translate websites, documentation, software, patents, applications, technical manuals, contracts, letters, instructions, etc.

All our translators, in addition to extensive experience, hold degrees in translation and interpretation or similar fields depending on the country.

Writers with an Impressive Portfolio

A quality writer is an avid reader, a lover of linguistics, and ultimately communication: that’s our writers.

If you need a writer for your blog, prices will be stipulated per word. They are given a topic, keywords, and the writer freely writes about the requested content. However, if you need a copywriting service, the charge is per type of service provided.

That is, a price will be set for writing the “home,” “about us,” etc. Or a price for the email marketing campaign and the number of emails generated per month.

Just tell us what you need and in which language, and we take care of everything. .

Need a Custom Professional Translator? 100% Native Translators, Writers, and Copywriters

Native Translators and Writers

Only native translators with training in language careers are responsible for carrying out various specialized translations. That is, in addition to being their mother tongue that they translate, they know the source language, for example, Spanish, perfectly. If it is a very specific field of expertise, they are trained, documented, and translate after significant research.

Specialized Translators and Writers

We have both writers and professional translators who specialize in various areas: scientific-technical, legal-administrative, patents, apps, localization, marketing and commerce, technology, industry, tourism. Our translators and writers have significant training in languages, as well as other areas of expertise, their quality is infallible! . .

Copywriters and Content Marketing Strategies

A professional copywriter defines a series of objectives to increase leads, achieve sales, and conversions. They must also discern who the target audience is to create content suitable for their client’s professional profile.

This is the strategy used by our copywriters. Need a web writer for your campaigns in different languages? Call us!

Why Is It Important to Translate a Website with Professional Translators?

Translating your business website is essential to expand the range of potential customers. More and more English, American, Australian, and Canadian people are moving to Spain to live and enjoy the good weather. Many of them buy products from Spain because they know the quality and competitive prices.

Translation of websites and landing pages is crucial to generate revenue.

Translating a website using plugins or automatic translators will only generate the opposite effect, driving away potential customers. Any business that does not have a professional translator and translates its website with a machine gives the impression of lack of seriousness and professionalism.

If you need a website translator, you must rely on a professional translator, native translator with training in applied languages or translation and interpretation. If it does not meet one of these requirements, your website is likely to fail.

Design Your Writing Strategy

Don’t know how to start? Finding it hard to be imaginative, persuasive, and creative?

Rely on our web writing service and define a strategy where we will help you win over your customer with the right words.

Need an SEO Writer?

At Tradupla, you will find all kinds of writers specialized in your field. We know how to give your content the touch it needs, give voice to your brand, encourage your customer to subscribe, download, buy, share… Our goal is the “call to action” turned into “action.”

Translated or Written Blog?

You think your blog has everything it needs to attract your clientele, whether international or national. Then, you just have to translate it in a “localized” way. The professional translator adapts the source text to the British or American client, for example. It offers a professional translation that more than a translation, looks like a text directly written by a native. Prefer us to write it for you? No problem, we take care of this process.

Professional English-Spanish Translators

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