Voice-over work, transcription, subtitling, dubbing


Subtitling experts in all languages

At Tradupla, we have a large number of subtitling and translation professionals, who are specialized in multiple sectors to cover all your translation and subtitling needs.


Whatever your language, you will get the best results thanks to one of the most efficient subtitling platforms available, as well as native translators who are specialized in all languages.

Personalized advice for your subtitling projects

If your company needs subtitling services, we will put you in contact with a specialized project manager, who will be able to advise and help you find the most suitable language solution for your project.


Tradupla’s subtitling team specializes in standardized subtitling rules as well as subtitles for the deaf.


Transcription of audio documents

Tradupla has a large number of professional transcribers who will transcribe your audio documents or videos. Although this process is similar to subtitling, it may be more economical as it does not need special coding and because it isn’t necessary to mark the times, nor measure the length of the sentence on the screen.


The native translator just listens to the file and writes down what is said into a Word document. They will usually note the times between each paragraph.

Voice over and dubbing

Tradupla employs voice-over artists and dubbers in all languages. Professionals who are capable of modulating and adapting their voices to your linguistic needs.



A good company with an important project in their hands must have a good voice to represent it.


Tradupla, S.L.U. offers you a quality service in narration, dubbing, voice-over, radio spotting, corporate videos and many more. Translate your audiovisual products and give them foreign voices thanks to Tradupla’s  voice-overs , dubbing and subtitling services.

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