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06/12/2020 – 30/03/2020 Post-editing + transcreation/web content writing  project – 5000 posts per month. Main languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese

Dear translators,

I am writing to you because we have a great potential client and I believe that this project can interest you because of the enormous number of words.

A huge platform for creating web content and link building in Spain is going to expand his business and offer his clients post publications in different languages. It is a long-term project and will start approximately in April 2021 but we need to build up a team of communication professionals.

We do not yet know what the workflow will be, but, in principle, the client sends us a text in Spanish, that same target text translated with deepl, a briefing and several keywords. The project consists of correcting, improving and transcreating the target text to persuade the target market, adding the keywords provided by the client and following the instructions in the briefing. It can also consist of creating a new text from a briefing. We do not yet know how we will have to work.

It is a scalable project, which will initially start with a small number of articles. Little by little, the number of articles will increase. Not all languages will have the same number of words to transcreate, there are usual languages and more secondary languages, but we think we will reach 5000 posts (1 post/800 words more or less) on average in total in 2021-2022 (all languages included in this amount).

As this is a huge volume, we have to consider an economic rate for our client in order to be competitive. The writer must commit to a minimum daily output even if he has other projects from other clients. He can also indicate on the form provided for this project the maximum daily output he can carry out if he is free and has no other project. MOTHER TONGUE REQUIRED. The client can ask for some revision or modification if they are not satisfied.

To apply for this job, YOU ONLY HAVE TO FILL IN THIS FORM:


Please, DO NOT CONTACT US DIRECTLY EITHER BY PHONE OR EMAIL, such requests will be ignored. Any comment deserving particular focus should be added in the “Comments” section within the form.

Our email and phone are intended to serve our customers. If selected, we will contact you when the project starts.

Please DO NOT BE DISTURBED if we do not attend you or consider your request appropriate for this work. We publish several translation/writing projects on a weekly basis and NOT ALL PROFILES are suitable for the requirements of human resources staff. Sometimes, this does NOT mean that your profile is not suitable, but that there are other translators/writers who meet more requirements than you: mother tongue, years of experience, academic training, economic rate, availability, daily capacity, etc.) Thank you very much for your understanding.

If the workflow of the project changes, we will not publish this advertisement again in proz. We will contact all those who have filled in the form in question and will explain to you again the modality of the project.

Thank you

Pilar Pla

OFFER OCTOBER- NOVEMBER 2020: Agencia de Traducción Tradupla looking for English – Swedish – German – Spanish – Portuguese  – Norwegian  – Danish translators 150 k words

Good afternoon,

We are looking for translators in several linguistic combinations.

  • English – Swedish
  • English – German
  • English – Spanish
  • English – Portuguese
  • English – Danish
  • English- Norwegian

Translation of a website (information assurance firm)

They do not have the finalised content at the moment, but they think to have  approximately 150 000 words in a few months. We have two months for this translation and we are going to split this project in several translators. We will work with our cat tool for this purpose.


If you are interested, you have to fill out this form.

Native speakers, rates and experience are very important for us. We can see your CV in proz, linkedin, etc. So don’t send it to us again.

PLEASE, DON’T REPLY TO THIS EMAIL AND DON’T PHONE US, we cannot answer our providers, because our telephone is destined to our clients. If you are selected after filling our form, we will contact you by mail. If you are not selected, we will not contact you, sorry. Thank you for your understanding

We are going to select only three or five translators for this big client. After selecting them, we will delete your data if you have not been chosen and we will contact you to fill out the forms again if we have more projects in the future.

Best regards,

Pilar Pla

Empleo en Tradupla


Translators must fill out the form as many times as their working language pairs. That is, if you are an English-Spanish, French-Spanish translator, you must fill in the form twice. If filled out only once, only the first language pair will be considered. The form must be completed in English. Please, do not contact us directly either by phone or email, such requests will be ignored. Any comment deserving particular focus should be added in the “Comments” section within the form. Translators and copywriters must always translate into their mother tongue, they also must provide some certification to accredit their knowledge to carry out such jobs, and we will prioritize requests from professionals who have a minimum of 5 years’ experience.


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