Technical translation

At Tradupla, S.L.U. you will find translators specialized in the field of  technical translations  and naturally, they have a complete mastery of both the source and target language. In addition to having a vast experience in the field and in technical texts, our translators are very knowledgeable about documentation and document management.

technical translator

As in most areas of translation, Tradupla, S.L.U. works with terminological databases, glossaries and translation memories created from the customer’s material, leading to a high-quality translation.

The following are some of the   technical translations  that can be carried out by Tradupla, S.L.U.:

  • Aeronautical translationstechnical translators
  • Architectural translations
  • Translation of instruction manuals (household appliances, supplies etc.)
  • Translation of documents related to the energy sector
  • Engineering translations
  • Telecommunications translation
  • Industrial translations
  • Translations related to IT
  • Military translations

What is a technical translation?

When we speak of technical translations we refer to those texts relating to engineering, science, chemistry, IT or other areas which need a very specific vocabulary.

The translator must understand the subject at hand in depth- they must know how to use terminology relevant to the assignment. Good documentation is thus a fundamental requirement.

Characteristics of a technical translation

This type of translation aims to transmit information in an objective manner. It is thus essential to use specific and appropriate terminology. For this reason, our translators use memories and glossaries. These are very useful tools that help to maintain text consistency and achieve an accurate and high-quality translation.

technical translation

Characteristics of a good technical translator:

 Technical translators  must understand both the source and target languages, as well as the relevant technical terminology in both languages. They must also understand the cultural context of the translations and be trained and specialized in the subject area that they are working in They must also maintain themselves up to date, and be aware of breakthroughs in their area. They must thus train continuously.

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