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Need a Chinese Spanish translator or a Spanish Chinese translator? Looking for a copywriter to rank on Chinese search engines like Baidu?

Tradupla is a translation and communication company that offers you an all-in-one package: we translate your content, optimize it according to SEO patterns, and write new content to rank on the search engines of the chosen country.

Chinese Translator to Spanish, English, French, German, etc.

At Tradupla, you have access to specialized translators trained in translation and interpretation, applied languages, or language-related careers. Additionally, they have over 5 years of experience.

Finding a Mandarin Chinese to Spanish translator is very challenging; there are very few in Spain, and they all work with us. Why? Chinese is very difficult to learn, and it has nothing to do with Spanish. The Mandarin Chinese-Spanish translator must be a native of Spain to translate and convey the message correctly. They could be a Chinese-born in Spain, meaning they have learned their native Chinese from their parents and perfect Spanish from their stay in Spain, but… Just being a Chinese and Spanish translator isn’t enough.

To translate professionally, you need linguistic knowledge and training that allows you to respect the guidelines and protocols of professional translation. And do we have that at Tradupla? The answer is: Yes!

Chinese Content Writing and SEO for Baidu

Baidu is the search engine used in China, very similar to Google. Why don’t they use Google like the rest? Unfortunately, Google is censored in China, probably because it’s American and communism opposes capitalism. However, they have their own search engine, and if we want to rank in China, we have no choice but to do keyword research adapted to that search engine.

Baidu means “a hundred times.” This search engine is headquartered in Beijing and has a design very similar to Google with sections for images, web, news, songs.

In addition to having professional translators to obtain quality content, we need writers to create new content and adapt it to this new search engine. It’s not just about translating and translating, about China domains, algorithms, etc. We also need to create original, new, and localized content for this new market.

How Do We Work?

Translation Services

The client contacts us and sends us the documents they want to translate. They must indicate the language, whether they need a standard or sworn translation, and the desired delivery time.

Our staff analyzes the translation. With special software, we perform a word count. Numbers and non-translatable words are not billed. Neither are repeated phrases from point to point or from intro to intro. If the translation is urgent, meaning more than 2000 words per day or includes non-working days like weekends or holidays, there will be a small surcharge. If the translation has few words, there is a minimum price per document, unless it is a repeat client who regularly orders translations from us. We send the quote and the client returns it duly signed with the word “accepted”.

We select a native target language translator specialized in the relevant field. The professional translator translates and reviews their translation. If the client wishes, they can request a revision service, meaning the translation will be reviewed by the first translator and simultaneously by a second translator to provide the utmost certainty guarantee. Four eyes always see more than two.

We send the translation to the client. If it is a sworn translation, we send it in PDF by email and by courier so they can have a physical copy.

The client gives us the green light.

Copywriting Services

The client contacts us and tells us what type of service they need (seo writing, web copywriting, seo copywriting) and in which language. They provide us with a briefing with all the necessary instructions for the proper writing of their content: codes, keywords, types of content per paragraph, words to avoid, key words to include in the H2, alt, etc.

If it’s copywriting, we send a series of questions to the client for them to answer in detail, allowing us to better understand their business and their type of buyer persona.

Tradupla selects writers in different languages and subjects them to a writing test, completely free for the client. We select the best tests to send to the client.

The client chooses the test that best suits their needs.

We start the writing or copywriting process.

We create a shared Google Sheet with the client that we’ll use for communication and to indicate the type of article being worked on: language, keywords, reference link, etc.

In this same sheet, we’ll leave links pointing to the documents where the articles are written. This way, the client can access them, leave us comments, or even download the documents for their use.

Easy and simple! . . .

Our Most Requested Translation Service for China

Simplified Chinese to Spanish Translator
Traditional Chinese to Spanish Translator
Spanish to Chinese Translator
Translations from German, Italian, Dutch

Professional Translators and 100% Native Writers: Unmatched Quality-Price Ratio

In need of a Chinese to Spanish or any language translator, but wary of those translators from China itself… You’re right to be cautious; if you need a translator, always seek one with native fluency in the target language, in this case, Spanish from Spain. Our translation company boasts professional translators from all corners of the globe, but all translate into their native language to ensure maximum quality.

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