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Traducción deportiva

Due to the huge popularity of sports, such as football or basketball   sports translations  are becoming fundamentally important- there is an increased need for translators who are specialized in different sports. The sports translator must be able to perfectly master the specific terminology of each sport, both in the source language and in the target language. They should be able to guarantee high-quality successful translations, which take into account the precise terminology used in their target country.

Tradupla, S.L.U. has highly experienced  specialized sports translators on its books. They understand the peculiarities of their discipline and they offer optimal translations. As is the case in all of our specialties, our translators work with the help of terminological tools, helping them to provide a coherent and high-quality translation.

The types of sports translation that we deal with at Tradupla, S.L.U. include:

Normally, the companies that require sports translations are:

  • Agencies that create sports content
  • Clubs and federations
  • Athletes
  • Leisure and pastime companies
  • Sponsors
  • Editorials, magazines and sports blogs
  • Manufacturers of sports and textile equipment


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