“Anyone who speaks a second language can translate.” “4 years of university studies and then you need a dictionary.” “I do not need a translator.” “I use Google Translate … ”

etc. etc. etc.

Aren’t you tired of hearing phrases like these?

Translators and interpreters are used to these negative and derogatory comments, made by people who don’t really understand the complexity involved in carrying out a translation or interpretation.

They are obviously unaware of the vast amount of  training  and the breadth of  linguistic, cultural or interpersonal knowledge  needed to carry out this type of work.


 Professional translators and interpreters  have a series characteristics, some of which are innate and some of which they acquire along the way. NOT everyone is a good translator, even if they speak 6 languages! Being a  native speaking translator  makes the work much easier, no doubt about it. Patience, good documentation, punctuality, professionalism and experience help considerably.


Dictionaries, translation tools, documents which may be used for contrast purposes, professionals, etc.  YES, WE NEED THEM. We aren’t machines, we are human translators. We try to transmit a message in the most appropriate, correct and accurate way possible. To do this successfully, we need strategies to improve our translation abilities.


Tradupla, S.L.U. counts on the services of a large number of  sworn and native translators and interpreters , who provide us with successful results and a high-quality  professional translation  each time.


Those who state that our profession is irrelevant and unnecessary, do not understand the importance of language, culture and communication in general. We must ignore these of comments and stick to what we really are:  qualified professionals appointed with making it possible for people from different countries to communicate.

Indeed, we are  indispensable !

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