Why do many young people migrate abroad in search of work? There are already more than 2.5 million Spaniards outside our country and in 2017 76,000

The number of Spaniards who take up residence outside of Spain is constantly growing. Thanks to the job offers abroad for Spaniards, in 2017 there were 76,197 people who left to look for a better future.

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The United Kingdom, the United States and France are the countries chosen to establish their workplace according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE). 60% of those who emigrated are of working age, so they choose to look at job offers abroad for Spaniards.

To get a job in these places, even if you don’t know the target language, you need to have the documents translated. We are talking about university degrees, professional training or academic qualifications. We will also need to translate other documents such as diplomas, employment contracts or criminal records, among others.

Do you need to contact a foreign company, but do not know the language? We do it for you

If you need to find a job in another non-Spanish speaking country, you are in the right place. We can translate your correspondence, your CV, talk to the company in question for you, etc. All you need to do is tell us which communication service you require and we will be happy to take care of it for you.

I work outside Spain, what do I need to be hired? Employment and sworn translation companies

It is not strictly necessary to have a university degree or training in the position for which we are applying. Many Spaniards get jobs in other countries without any studies of the subject in question and without languages, or with a low level.

Although a minimum of knowledge is not required, it is necessary to bring the translated documentation to the workplace. For this purpose, there are so-called sworn translations and we are experts in the field. All your translated documents are just a click away, so that you can leave for your destination country as soon as possible.

Jobs for doctors, lawyers, they do need more knowledge of the native language of the place. However, for other job offers abroad for Spanish people you will only need to bring your personal documentation translated.

You can check the job offers here and once you find a job, go to your translation agency.

Sworn translations are essential to give validity to a document translated from one language to another. Thanks to the work of the professional recognized by the MAEC, we can deliver a legally validated document.

What are the most popular job offers abroad?

The economic crisis that began in 2008 has left its mark. Today, it is still present when it comes to getting a quality job in our country.

That is why two out of three people in our country choose to go abroad to find work.

There are many job offers for Spanish doctors abroad, as well as job offers for Spanish lawyers. However, there are more that arise for people without languages or with low level of them.

From Tradupla we advise, at least, to have a language more different from the mother tongue as it could be English. It is not necessary to have an advanced level of English, simply to defend yourself in oral expression and comprehension. What matters is knowledge and experience.

This would be sufficient for jobs for Spaniards who have no studies or have a low academic level. It would also be sufficient for any profession as long as one defends oneself orally. In addition, thanks to the help of sworn translators, all the bureaucratic procedures to be hired would be easier and more comfortable.

Degrees, diplomas, criminal records certificates, employment contracts… All this and more is handled by the sworn translation branch. It is an ideal option for job offers abroad for Spaniards without languages who need legal assistance. Likewise, any professional who wants to work abroad requires these sworn translations.

Procedures for working abroad

If we are looking at job offers abroad for Spaniards without or with studies, the first thing we have to make clear is what processes I will go through to get the job.

The requirements to work in each country are usually different, but they always converge under the same purposes: to make it clear that we are valid for that work.

If we are EU citizens and we are going to apply for a position in Europe, the formalities are scarce. This is due to the treaties of free movement between the member states.

But we still have to respond with documentation translated into the target language. If you are going to work with children, you will have to present the criminal record document, as well as certified translated documents about your training. The same applies to other areas such as health or education.

Our translation company advises you to prepare all the necessary documentation, contact a sworn translator and do it in time.

Delivering documentation to another country on time requires money, a certain amount of time and a lot of patience.

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