Russian web translations and SEO optimization

There are currently a high number of Russian speakers, not just in Russia, but in all the former Soviet republics. If you want to expand the sale of your products and services into the Russian market, increasing the number of potential customers, you need  to translate and localize your website into Russian.


Why is it important to translate your website into Russian?

It is not only the official language of Russia, but also of other countries such as Belarus and Kazakhstan. Internationally speaking, it is one of the six most important official languages ​​of the United Nations.

The Russian market has great economic potential, due to the fact that Russia is trying to establish relationships with the European countries and because it is becoming increasingly involved in international affairs.

Translation for SEO optimization in Russian: website content translated into Russian and optimized for search engines

At Tradupla, S.L.U., we analyze and search for the list of key Russian words which will improve your internet visibility. If you would like your website to be translated and optimized, just tell us and we will provide you with a quote for a service that is tailored to your needs.

How do we translate your website into Russian optimally for search engines?

Thanks to a series of keyword analysis tools, we first make a list of the most strategic keywords in Russian, according to each page. Then, our staff translate the content into Russian, using these  keywords  in the most important places, such as H1, H2, alt. The density of these keywords is monitored so as not to commit keyword stuffing, as is the length of each paragraph.

If you would like, Tradupla’s SEO technicians can optimize your website. We can also write and publish the link to your website in well positioned Russian newspaper articles and blogs.

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