Latin-american spanish web translations and SEO

Although Latin Americans and Spaniards understand each other perfectly, there are obvious differences in the translations carried out by people from either side of the Atlantic.


When a Spanish person reads a website which has been translated into Latin American Spanish, it will sound wrong to them. The inverse is also true. Why? Because there are differences in the way that they speak, express themselves, their vocabulary, the sentence structures of their dialects etc.

For this, we rely on a  localization service. If you need your page to be translated into Latin American Spanish, we ask a Latin American translator or writer to review it and adapt it to their mother tongue, so that it sounds natural to them.

It is essential to achieve a coherent translation that is well adapted for  optimization. It should be targeted towards your audience and it is important to translate all the elements that make up a website: the URLs, anchor texts etc. At Tradupla, S.L.U. we will help you to achieve this with our numerous, specialized  native translators. They will guarantee you a good  website translation and localization , with content that is specifically geared to the Latin American public as well as perfect  SEO optimization.

Characteristics of Latin American Spanish

Although Latin American Spanish is spoken in these countries, there are many regional differences between the them. The same word can be written or pronounced differently in Buenos Aires and Costa Rica. To achieve an optimal translation, it is thus essential to have a vast knowledge of Latin American Spanish and its variations.

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