Chinese web translations and SEO optimization

China is, without question, the world’s fastest growing market. In order to expand your products and services into this ever-so-popular market, you need a webpage that has been translated and localized into Chinese. It must take the peculiarities of Chinese SEO optimization into account.

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Why is it important to translate your website into Chinese?

Firstly; Chinese is the most widely spoken language worldwide- the number of Chinese speakers is increasing daily. Secondly; the vast majority of internet users are Chinese speakers. The online sale of products and services in this market is immense. Trade in the Chinese market is developing and presents huge growth potential when compared to other markets. Website translation and localization, with Chinese SEO optimization is essential for expansion.

Characteristics of the Chinese language

Chinese is one of the most complicated languages in the world. This is due mainly to its alphabet, the variety of dialects that exist and the difficult pronunciation of Chinese words. With regards to translation, there are two variants of this language that we need to take into account: Traditional and Simplified Chinese Simplified Chinese is used in China and Singapore. Here, the characters have been simplified so that they may be used more easily with search engines. Traditional Chinese is used in places like Malaysia or Hong Kong. The choice of which type to use, depends on the target market that you would like to reach.

Native Chinese translation and positioning in China

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Our team of native speaking Chinese translators will give you a quality Chinese translation, allowing you to carry out e-commerce in this country. One of the China’s internet giants, Jingdong  京东 , has placed its trust in us to help it enter the Spanish-speaking market in Latin America and Spain. This is thanks to our team of professional English and Chinese into Spanish translators.

Chinese translations differ from other types of translations. This is also true with regards to interpreting, which is made harder by the different types of Chinese which may be used: traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese or Mandarin Chinese.

Our Chinese translators can carry out translations for you to or from Chinese. Just send us the source text. We will analyze it and send you a quote for a translation which is adapted to your needs. You can contact our Chinese project manager anytime. They will advise you regarding your online expansion project in China.

Chinese translators, according to their area of ​​expertise

If you need to translate a document in Chinese, it is essential that the Chinese translator knows your business. You just have to go to a multilingual translation agency such as Tradupla. We will manage your project and assign you a Chinese translator, who will provide you with high-quality Chinese translations.

Chinese translations to and from other languages

Statistics show that Chinese tourism to the United States is increasing. There are also many professionals who are trying to enter the European market. The opposite is also true. How can we reduce borders?

We have a large number of professional Chinese translators whom we can put at your disposal. They can translate into/from French, Spanish, English as well as numerous other languages. Our translators are native speakers who understand and have been trained in the Chinese language, ensuring a high-quality translation.

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