Portuguese web translations and SEO for Brazil/Portugal

Portuguese is the official language of 11 countries, including Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique. However, the most important countries in which this language is spoken are Portugal and Brazil. It should be noted that Portuguese is one of the most used languages ​​in the European Union, as well as many other international organizations. If you want to expand your business and enter the Brazilian and Portuguese markets, reaching the greatest number of customers, you must translate and localize your website into the relevant Portuguese dialects.


Why is it important to translate your website into Portuguese?

In addition to its large number of speakers, Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, the largest economic power in Latin America, as well as of Portugal, a country whose market economy has diversified, and which is now based in the services sector. Accessing these markets is therefore a good idea for increasing the number of potential customers, as well as your earnings and popularity.

Portuguese translation of your website for Portugal or Brazil.

In order to optimize your website in countries such as Portugal or Brazil, we must have a team of translators specialized in SEO optimization.

A Portuguese SEO translator   knows how to search for keywords in Portuguese. They also know how to use them properly by measuring their density, placing them in the appropriate place, etc.

Tradupla, S.L.U. will put a team of professional Portuguese SEO translators at your disposal. They will use your company’s strategic keywords to place you among the first search engines results.

We can also offer on-page optimization. With our specialized technicians, who include web and SEO tool publishers, you can leave your website in our hands.


Finally, we can also offer to write your web content, Adwords or blog into Portuguese. We can also create social network posts in this, or any other language for you. If you would like your website to be positioned in Portugal or Brazil, you can count on our specialized translation services.

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