International SEO and SEM positioning

We want your project to be where it deserves in the new market it is addressed to, abroad or in Spanish.

Our goal is to internationalize your brand, through your website, so that it starts to settle with SEO positioning and online SEM advertising in the search engines.

sem and seo

Do you wonder what International SEO positioning is about?/h3>

International SEO positioning aims that, through a series of techniques, your website has a good visibility for your target audience in the search engines of each area, such as Google or Yahoo. Therefore, when a user carries out a search, you will appear among the main results.

And what about online advertising or SEM?

SEM strategies, or online search engine advertising, are aimed at generating campaigns to create positioning in several markets and languages, in the search engines of each region.

We adapt and optimize your content to your international audience

The process is as follows:

  • We analyze and research your current SEO positioning to adapt it to an international SEO positioning and SEM advertising campaigns.
  • We will execute actions such as Linkbuilding, on-page and off-page SEO, translate and optimize content for SEO, keywords search, SEM or PPC (pay per click) campaigns, and advertising campaigns in Social Networks.
  • We will create reports and monitoring statistics for you through Google Analytics and similar tools.
Estrategia sem y seo internacional

And this is what we are going to get:

✓ More qualified organic web traffic.
✓ An audience with high probability of generating sales.
✓ Improve, position and maintain your online reputation.

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